Head over to Petsmart.com to check out the great deal they’re running on both Canine and Feline Advantage® and Advantix®!

They are offering $5 off the regular price, along with FREE SHIPPING!

This promotion is only valid through April 26th, so you have about a month left to take full advantage and stock up because this stuff can get expensive quickly!  Fleas and ticks are soon to be out in full force, and will be here before we can say, “GO AWAY!”  Preventing fleas and ticks is just one of the joys of being a canine parent, and definitely an essential one because once you’ve got those ‘suckers’ in your house (fleas), or see one attached or crawling on you or your pup (ticks), you’ll be running to the store to pick up a dose.

Fleas are are extremely hard to get rid of once you’ve had a breakout in the house and can get very costly when your last option is to have a pest control company come out to spray.  I see it happen every year to lots of people because they don’t prevent the situation to begin with.  Don’t let fleas take over your life and get that Advantage or Advantix and apply it every month.  Miss one dose, and you could regret it.

Ticks…well, they carry Lyme Disease.  Need I say more.  Sick.  Gross.  Disgusting.

Head over to your vet to pick up your individual dose, 4pk, or 6pk, however many doses strikes your fancy after reading this, or head over to Petsmart now that they are offering it over-the-counter, or save yourself a trip out of you’re busy and go HERE to order it from their online store and have it shipped directly to your house for FREE.  See, even Petsmart knows how serious the flea/tick season can be and wants everyone to be prepared if they’re shipping this stuff out for free!!

It’s serious business, this flea & tick stuff.

Get on it before it’s too late!

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