Head over HERE to and get your 35% off Dogswell® (or Catswell®) dog food and treats!  This is a secret sale, and is going on until November 23, 2009, so if you need to stock up on some Dogswell® supplies, now is the time to do so!  Simply enter the PROMO CODE: DOGSWELL or CATSWELL during checkout to receive 35% off your order!

If you’ve never heard of Dogswell® before, or have never tried it, you should!  They’re healthy treats to offer your canine (or feline) with no Pesticides, no Melamine, no hormones, antibiotics, By-products, Gluten, or harmful contaminants of any kind.  The company really strives to keep the best quality in their products, and us at All Dog Blog really appreciate that (and we know you do too!)!

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