If you visit us often, you may have already noticed the little search box that has appeared at the top right-hand corner of the blog!  Well, we’ve added that little search engine to make your life just a little bit easier, and help you find the newest addition to your family…a trustworthy Pet Sitter from!

I know how stressful it can be during the Holiday season when you just can’t take your pets with you (despite how badly you wish you could), and have to decide whether you should drop them off at a kennel (despite how much we all HATE to do that), find a lucky friend who has enough time and generosity to watch your brood during your absence, or to just stay home and miss out on seeing your family and friends this year.  It can be a hard decision, and one that we all hate to make, considering we all view our pets AS our family.  Leaving them behind with strangers can be a strong pull on the heartstrings!  That is why, NOW is the perfect time to get a head start on building a great relationship with your SitterCity pet sitter in preparation for the holidays! is full of individuals in your area that are ready, and willing to take on your fur-family.  Experiences may range from an experienced pet sitter that has had years of practice taking care of all kinds of pets you may have acquired, to someone who is just starting out and simply a pet lover that is dying to get to know you and your pets!  You can choose your sitter based on experience, whether they have a background check, education level, distance from you, and even the languages they speak!  This website is so great, and can become a great place you can visit to find your dog’s new friend (or cat)!

Personally, I have considered registering as a Pet Sitter myself, but working full-time really wouldn’t allow me the time I’d like to spend with pets.  If I were to become a Pet Sitter, I’d want to dive in full-force and build relationships with all my clients.  Plus, I’d need a more reliable and larger vehicle (for trips to the park of course!).  Something I will definitely keep on the back burner until I’m ready!

If I was registered on and lived in your area, would you hire me?!


Good Luck finding your new Pet Sitter from!

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