Pumpkin Express Dog Gift Bisket Basket

We’ve been contacted by the lovely Alicia over at Bisket Baskets, and boy are we glad she found us!  They have some of best, yummy-looking baskets I’ve ever seen!  For both pups and people!  These guys know all there is to know about gift baskets, they’ve been in business for 10 years!

Here’s a little bit about the company:

Way back in the 1900’s (1999 to be exact) we opened our doors for business. It is our passion and livelihood to send smiles across the miles or right next door with our award winning gift baskets. We are two sisters that started this business with a love for animals and a desire to spoil as many as possible so we began designing gift baskets for pets. Using healthy products and a desire to provide only very high-end premium gifts, our pet gift baskets were a huge hit. We’ve delivered gifts to the Rich & Famous as well as individuals… anyone seeking out the ultimate in products and presentation would order from Bisket Baskets And More.

It wasn’t too long after opening to the pet industry that we began to receive very appreciative notes and calls from the pet owners that received our gifts but they all had something in common… the owners were jealous that there wasn’t any goodies for them! Soon designing gift baskets for the pet AND owner were added to our store. Bisket Baskets was the first to provide this type of gift and now many other companies have followed our lead.


Every gift is designed after your order is placed therefore we are able to tailor your gift to your special occasion and our Private Production Facility is where it all happens. The facility uses approximately 1200 square feet and is a master of design itself. It is divided into several areas which are design, containers and baskets, photography, ribbon (my personal favorite), gourmet foods, pet products, shipping etc. All areas are cleaned daily by our staff and professionally cleaned weekly. It is important that your gift arrives clean and fresh.


The one basket that is being featured above is called the Pumpkin Express Dog Gift basket and is PERFECT for your dog this Halloween!  The Halloween tins are so cute, and perfect for your canine to take with them when they bark for treats (and not the chocolate kind!) this holiday!

This basket includes:

  • A Halloween Tin Bucket
  • Two Hand-Iced Gourmet Biscuits
  • 1 oz. of Gourmet Pumpkin Treats
  • And a Handwritten message to the lucky person who receives this!

They have every holiday you can think of, and have tons of choices for other occasions!

If you’re looking for that perfect gift, tired of looking, and about to give up…well, STOP!  Seriously, Bisket Baskets has the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday (including their pets!), or for their special day!  Your gift searching days are over, thanks to Bisket Baskets!

Yes, we will probably be headin’ over to Bisket Baskets for our gift baskets for every occasion, AND keep an eye out because we may just be giving away one to a lucky dog in the near future! =]

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