In honor of National Preparedness Month this month, Dr. Donna J. Spector, DVM, DACVIM has some suggestions and tips on how important it really is to keep your pets safe, and to be prepared for any form of emergency too with a Pet First Aid Kit.

You never know when an accident may happen—keep a pet first aid kit in your car and home.  Place the contents in a water-proof plastic container for safe keeping.

Dr. Spector’s recommendations for making a First Aid Kit for dogs and cats:

  • Phone numbers and directions on laminated (water-proof) paper—for owners home, veterinary clinic, emergency clinic, and poison control center.
  • Equipment and Supplies—muzzle, restraints, collar/leash, scissors, flea comb, tweezers, pliers/hemostats, magnifying glass, nail clippers, penlight or flashlight, paper towels, towels, tourniquet, cotton swabs, cotton balls, bandage material, bandage tape, eye dropper, oral syringe, thermometer, lubricating jelly, disposable/latex gloves, ice cream sticks or yardstick (which may be used as splints), emergency ice and heat packs, liquid dish soap, and saline solution (for rinsing wounds).
  • Nutritional Support—rehydrating solution (pedialyte, etc) and sugar solution (karo syrup, etc).  Keep a collapsible bowl in the first aid kit.
  • Medications—activated charcoal, alcohol, betadine/nolvasan, eye rinse, triple antibiotic ointment, ophthalmic (eye) ointment, hydrogen peroxide, benadryl (diphenhydramine), cortisone spray/ointment, sterile saline, antidiarrheal liquid or tablets, flea and tick prevention and treatment, styptic powder, and ear cleaning solution.  Always include any prescription medications your pet may be taking.

Check your kit frequently for expired products and restock as necessary—pay close attention to the dates on the hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointments.  Ask your VCA veterinarian for advice on other first aid kit contents for your pet specifically.

Thanks again to VCA Animal Hospitals and Dr. Spector who have shared this information with us to pass along to you!

Amazon has some great premade pet first-aid kits available for you to get started on taking this great advice, and be sure to come back to Dr. Spector’s advice to fill-in anything you may be missing!

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