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What’s a better way to educate our children with a stuffed animal that comes with it’s own adoption certificate.  Showing them that adopting really is the best option while they’re young, and there is nothing wrong with saving a life.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen little puppies that were purchased by the parents that came with incorrect or not enough vaccination history from a pet store, were seriously sick, or had some genetic disorder.  It made me angry that these parents were pretty much teaching their children that it was okay to support Puppy Mills at such a young age, regardless of whether they were aware of it yet, or not.  They’ll grow up and think that if they want a pet, you go to the pet store.  The cycle starts over.

But now with Stuffed Adoptions, you can help teach that adoption is the best because you are saving a life, and not destroying one.  When you purchase a stuffed animal, a large portion of the purchase is sent to a REAL shelter, Humane Society, or animal welfare organization.  They have dogs, cats, and bunnies available for “adoption”.


If I was a little girl, I would LOVE to get this little guy as a gift!  Isn’t it so cute, and life-like!  There are several breeds to choose from, and every one is as cute as the next!

Now you can help a cause when you purchase your kids stuffed animals.

Here’s a little bit about Stuffed Adoptions:

Stuffed Adoptions was formed by an animal welfare advocate who wanted to start a business that would help animal welfare organizations raise funds. Everyone who works at Stuffed Adoptions is an animal lover who feels strongly about helping neglected, abused and homeless pets, so much so that we often have foster pets here at work!

Due to our backgrounds, we have personally experienced dealing with the heartache of neglect and cruelty to animals, heartworm positive dogs, lack of spay/neuter resources, feral cats, owner surrenders due to foreclosures, puppymill busts and the heartbreak of too many homeless animals and not enough good homes.  Therefore, we are committed to helping the wonderful humane societies, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations who work everyday to combat those problems.  A large portion of every stuffed pet adoption goes directly to those organizations.

Our stuffed pets make excellent gifts, birthday or holiday presents.  And with each purchase you not only get an adorable stuffed animal but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase helped an animal welfare organization help a real pet. So adopt a stuffed pet from Stuffed Adoptions today!

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