This little gadget has got to be the best little invention for pet owners ever!!

Introducing:  The Petcare Robot.


Now, you can play with your pet that is bored at home, while you’re at work via the internet!  This little robot should be a staple in every dog owners home, and it has obviously been created by a dog owner because they even thought of everything, including the special eyelids that protect the camera lenses (the eyes) to protect them from loving licks!

See, now why couldn’t we think of this!!

The bot is even cute enough to give a name and probably become a member of the family in my household. :)

You can read more about the Petcare Robot HERE at Geeky Gadgets.

There is no price listed, or how you can get one yet.  We’re sure it’s probably not affordable for everyone, and it may not be out on the market yet, but we will surely keep you updated on the status of this one!

So cool!

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