The Nevada Humane Society is in DESPERATE need for pet food for the Pet Food Assistance Program!

On a daily basis, the animals at the shelter consume about 100 pounds of dry cat food and 70 cans.  The dogs eat nearly double this amount.  Due to the large number of people out of work, the demands on the Pet Food Assistance Program are greater than ever.

“We are critically low on pet food for the pet food assistance program,” said Bonney Brown, Executive Director for Nevada Humane Society. “We have very little dog food available to give out to people who need food for their pets and we completely ran out of cat food yesterday. It is heartbreaking to have to turn people away.”

In addition to dry food for dogs and cats for the Pet Food Assistance program, Nevada Humane Society can use canned and dry food for the animals at the shelter, as well as kitten food and formula for foster homes that care for kittens.

Tax deductible donations of dog and cat food may be delivered daily, between 11:00 am and 6:30 pm, to the Nevada Humane Society shelter at 2825 Longley Lane, Reno, between Rock Blvd. and Mira Loma Ave. On Saturdays the shelter opens an hour earlier at 10:00 am.


If you live in the area, or near the state, please help them out.  I know that economic times are not that great right now, but animals don’t understand why they’ve gotten a little less food than yesterday, and why they are even in a cage day in and day out.  If you can’t adopt, volunteering some of your time, fostering, or picking up a cheap bag of food while you’re at the store picking up some stuff for your own dog and dropping it off can mean the world to these animals and the people who spend their days taking care of them.

Let’s help the Nevada Humane Society out!

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