I know that I’m a little…well, actually a LOT late….in reporting this and the little cutie is probably almost fully recovered by now, but I couldn’t help but doing a little post for all of you who may have not heard about it!  It’s pretty miraculous.

Then 12-weeks old, Smokey the Chihuahua survived an “accident” involving a fairly large BBQ fork.  Now, how this happened I have no idea, and honestly I don’t truly believe the story, that it was an “accident”, but who knows maybe it is.

Supposedly, the BBQ fork broke off while being used and flew through the air and imbedded in the skull of the young pup.  Smokey then ran off into the woods for two days and hid until his owners found him.  They then rushed Smokey to the emergency vet where surgery had to be performed to remove the fork.

To read the article and view photos, and an x-ray of this crazy “accident” go HERE and HERE.

Be sure that no children are present as it may be traumatizing.

I’m so glad that little Smokey is doing well and alive!  He is one lucky pup!

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