Beginning this coming Saturday, August 22nd, dogs around the country will be coming together to share their love for Cesar®!  The gatherings will continue every Saturday until October 10th, and attendees will receive a FREE complimentary sample of the new Bistro™!  Head over HERE to find out the nearest meet-up spots closest to you to get yours!  The closest one near me is in Chicago and it’s so far away…boo!

Also, you can head over HERE and register to sign-up and get a printable coupon for Cesar’s® newest addition to the table, Bistro™!

AND, you can still head over HERE and sign-up, answer a few questions, and get a coupon for a complimentary entree of Cesar®!

Wow…that’s 3 cool ways to get FREE food from Cesar®!

Thanks Cesar®!

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