Check out THIS post about the W-K9 Tax Form from another great blogger!  It’s funny, but too bad it’s not real!

Come on, if they’re makin’ dog Snuggies, and now even ‘sex toys’, why can’t our dogs file for their taxes!?  Bein’ loyal companions, movie stars, medical alert dogs, and all around mental support for humans doesn’t deserve a little return on their investment to maybe buy a KONG or a bag of ‘Beggin Strips’ what is this world coming to!!


I wonder if anyone will try and file next year!

2 Thoughts on “Darn! It’s Not Real! W-K9 Tax Form!

  1. i wish i could get money back for my dog. that would be so awesome

  2. Wouldn’t it! Most dogs these days are considered “children” anyway. You still gotta feed ’em, clothe ’em, house ’em, pick up after ’em!

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