Target® has coupons available HERE for ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ or save $1.50 for Purina® Chef Michael’s® new dog food!

If we were a dog, we’d say it looks yummy!


Thanks, Money Saving Mom for this great information and savings!

Head over HERE and fill out this brief survey (it’s just to make a recommendation for a specific Purina® brand that may be good for you, but you don’t need to purchase what they say!) and you’ll get a printable coupon for $3.50 off a bag of Purina® dog food!  Target® is offering Chef Michael’s® Dog food for $4.49, and when you use the $1.50 off  store coupon and the $3.50 off manufacture’s coupon, you can get the bag for FREE!!

And, apparently, this week Target® is running a deal to give you a $5 Target® Gift Card when you purchase 2 $10 bags of Chef Michael’s® dog food and since you’re purchasing two bags you can use 2 coupons for each bag (use one of the manufacture’s coupons and one of the store coupons for each bag) and you’ll get $5 back on a Gift Card!  What a deal!!


If you head over HERE to and enter your zip code to get a FREE quote for pet insurance…

1.  Enter the code B3KCA in the ‘Offer Code’ section and hit the ‘Plan Options’ button…

2.  Select your deductible…

3.  Review your summary and then hit the ‘Save & Email Quote’ button…

4.  They’ll send you an email that includes a $3 off coupon for Purina and apparently it can be printed TWICE!

Wow!  Tons of Purina savings!

2 Thoughts on “‘Buy 1, Get 1 FREE’ Or $1.50 Off Purina’s Chef Michael’s Dog Food!

  1. do you know if kmart has chef michael’s one serving wet dog food?

  2. I personally don’t know if they carry the brand, but my suggestion is to call your local KMart and ask them if they do carry it before headin’ that way (unless you have other things to pick up). I know that KMart’s have double coupon days, and if they do carry it, that would be some great savings! Good Luck! And if they do, let me know!

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