Get a $5 off HALO dog food coupon from me!

Send me your email address and I will forward you an email from HALO that will have you sign-up for their great newsletter, and you’ll receive a free $5 off coupon!!

No, I will not spam you.  Your email address is not stored in anyway, and will not be sold to any third party.  It will used only to forward you the personalized newsletter from me to you so you can get your coupon!  This offer ends 9/4/09 and you’ll receive your coupon code by 9/11/09.

Send your email address to erin@alldogblog.com!

You can copy this into an email if you like:

Hi All Dog Blog,

I came across your post about receiving the personalized newsletter from HALO and would like to register to receive the newsletter and get my $5 off coupon!  My email address is (insert email address here)!

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