I’ve just been notified that Beneful® has launched a new website TODAY, July 27th!  WagWorld.com is a new interactive, online community that lets dog lovers everywhere share their favorite dog-friendly locations in the U.S.  You can easily add your favorite dog parks, eateries, hotels, and pretty much anywhere you and your canine buddy like to spend quality time together.  You can upload your spots to the map, write a review, upload photos, and pass along your favorites to your family, friends, or other fellow dog lovers!

It’s your new search engine for the best places you and your dog can visit, but they need your help to find the best ‘Top 10 Togetherful Cities in America’!  Starting today, and until September 27th you can head over and share your top nominations in your city, and it may just become THE new #1 Dog-Friendly city!  The top 10 cities will be announced in October, so get over there and start tellin’ us where and why your city is the best ‘dog city’ in the U.S. at WagWorld.com!

Thanks, Beneful® for keepin us dog-lovers united!

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