So I’ve just been informed about the new up-and-coming product that is hitting the market this August at a pet store near you…The Snuggie For Dogs!  At first I thought it was a little crazy that the company that has had such great success with the ‘human Snuggie’, but the more I thought about it and how much Bubbs would probably LOVE one to bury up in one, it’s a genius idea!  Dogs love to bury in blankets, so why not just make a blanket they can wear?!  It’s the perfect idea!

Now, I’m not sure if it’s just the perfect marketing scheme since about 63% of households have a dog in the United States, or if someone really did think that it could be very useful to our canines, but to tell you the truth I’ll probably be purchasing one.  And I don’t even have one for myself!  Yet.  :)

Check it out…

It comes out this month to Petsmart, Petco, and CVS stores for $14.95, comes in colors pink & blue, and sizes range from extra small to large.

Come on, you KNOW you’ll have one for each and every one of YOUR dogs!  I can’t wait to see every dog sportin’ a pink or blue Dog Snuggie at the dog park this Fall!

Will you be buying one for your dog?!?

(I’ll be posting a picture of Bubbs in his soon!)

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