Find out how old your dog is using the Dog Age Calculator!  This cool website estimates how old your canine really is based on a list of criteria like general health, prevention methods, diet and nutrition, and exercise.  Bubbs asked to do it and this is what he got…

Bubbs’s DogAge is 18.3! — That’s 7.1 years younger than the average DogAge for Bubbs’s breed!

Not bad, he is spoiled after all.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how accurate this thing age calculator is, but it’s still fun to see the results.  If you end up having an older age than you were expecting, you may be able to change a few things based on the criteria they use, for instance, offering a better, more balanced diet, or getting more exercise, retake the test, and add a few years onto your dog’s life!

Go take it and share with me what your dog got!

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