foopets install

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your dog to work, but just can’t manage to sneak him or her by your boss and coworkers, consider adopting a FooPet instead (also great for kids)!  They just finished developing their new desktop version which can add a little fun to your day as you work!

If you’ve never adopted from FooPets before, they have a lot of different breeds to choose from (and they add new ones regularly), toys for them to play with, and a stats counter to make sure that they are well fed and watered.  Not only are they cute, but they each have their own little personalities!  I just adopted a little Chihuahua from the shelter (they’re FREE!) and named her Bean.  She will certainly provide me with a little distraction throughout the day while I work, but hopefully not too much!

If you’d like to be Bean’s friend, my name is alldogblog1!

Go HERE for details on how to download, and get your new desktop friend!

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