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Linda Lawson, Indiana’s State Representative, introduced H.B. 1468 to help ban puppy mills.  The bill recently passed the House with a vote of 81-14, and now heads to the Senate.  If the legislation  passes, new laws will establish a much needed standardization on the care and conditions of dogs in a breeding environment and harden punishments for those who are convicted of abuse.

Current Indiana laws state that an individual can only be convicted of animal cruelty if they neglect to provide food and water, which certainly indicates how lax Indiana has been on its some 800 to 1,500 puppy mills throughout the state. 

According to the new legislation, a “Commercial Breeder,” or a person who maintains adult female dogs that produce ten or more litters in a years time, will have to be registered with the state and follow a list of requirements.

  1. Maintain sanitary conditions.
  2. Dispose of waste, disease contaminated material, and control vermin, insects, pests, and obnoxious odors.
  3. Control pests and vermin.
  4. Have natural and artificial light where dogs are kept and must be adequate to provide efficient cleaning.
  5. Provide a sufficiently heated structure to protect the dogs from the cold and provide for their health and comfort at all times.
  6. Provide sufficient ventilation to minimize drafts, offensive odors, moisture condensation; and provide for the health and comfort of dogs at all times.
  7. Ensure that each dog that is at least tweleve weeks of age has access to an exercise area for at least one hour.  They must comply that the exercise area must allow for unfettered clearance for dogs from their primary enclosure.
  8. Implant microchips in every dog and have them registered.
  9. Refrain from hiring staff with a misdemeanor or felony under IC 35-46-3.
  10. Provide enclosures that is suited for the breed of the dog, etc.

It’s definately a jump towards the right direction.  This bill is something that the state of Indiana needs, and hopefully a bill that will be adapted by other states that are in need of new legislation against puppy mills.  If you are an animal lover who supports this bill please contact Indiana’s Senate legislators.

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