This peanut butter contamination issue is pretty scary considering how many people have gotten sick and even died.  I know that I haven’t eaten any peanut butter even though they say that jars purchased from your grocery store are safe.  I’m just not willing to take that chance for my sake, and now my dog’s sake.

Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits

I recently read an article about this outbreak now possibly affecting our pets.  Petsmart is now recalling a brand of dog biscuits called Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits, among others, because they were manufactured by the  Peanut Corporation of America.  At work we’ve had to throw out all these biscuits because we have been handing them out to our patients.  We have gone through great lengths to tell everyone that comes in, calls, or requests information about the issue, which symptoms to watch out for, and to call us immediately if they have any concerns at all.  We’ve printed out a list of all the products that have been recalled and are in the process of discussing whether to send out mailings.  We are taking extreme precautions to protect our clients and their pets, and you should do the same for yourself and your pet.

If you are concerned or have any doubt about any products you have purchased for your dog(s), you can do a search of recalled products here…

If you know or think that your dog has ingested any potentially contaminated items please call your veterinarian immediately for a list of symptoms to watch out for.  I have listed a few here that may be signs of salmonella poisoning and please do not hesitate to contact your vet if you have any concerns or questions.

Potential signs of salmonella poisoning are…

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea, blood or mucus present in stool
  • Fever (a normal temperature for a dog ranges from 99.0°-102.0°)
  • Anorexia or loss of appetite
  • Lethargy, or laying around more than normal
  • Abdominal pain

The symptoms listed above are potential signs of salmonella poisoning, but can also be signs of other serious conditions or diseases and should be seen by a vet immediately.  If your dog (or cat) is experiencing any of these symptoms please make an appointment for your pet to be seen by a veterinarian today.

I hope that all of you stay safe during this time, keep any eye on your pets, and YOURSELF.

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