We use search engines everyday to find information in the blink of an eye and without them our lives on the web just wouldn’t be as efficient.  As an Internet user you probably immediately think of heading over to Google or Yahoo! to navigate around the net, but what if you could get those same results and help raise money for rescue animals at the same time?  Head over to Dogpile.com.

Dogpile.com, a metasearch engine that utilizes all the popular search engines out there, including Google, Yahoo!, and Ask.com, not only supplies you with the best results available, but also is trying to raise $1 million dollars this year for the ASPCA®.  They call it their Search & Rescue Program and when you search using the Dogpile homepage, desktop toolbar, or widget, a portion of the revenue generated will be donated to help animals in need.  How great is this?!

Dogpile has made it so easy and amazingly simple.  Not only have they made it easy, but I think that they have brought something very new to the table for internet search engines.  I’m suprised that other search engines haven’t yet jumped on the wagon in the support of a cause!  I know that there are a few out there, but it’s time for this great concept to come out of hiding.

I downloaded the Arfie widget a couple months ago.  He stays on my desktop, makes searching quick and convenient, he is awfully cute, and most importantly, compels me to help raise money for the sake of animal welfare.  Arfie makes it fun to use Dogpile!


Download Arfie Here.

Before you immediately migrate over to Google, Yahoo!, or Ask.com, please consider visiting Dogpile.com.  Go check it out.  Get out there in the name of animal rescue and take Arfie for a walk!  GO FETCH!

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