Playing it safe!

We’ve all seen it, the sight of a tongue waggin’ and ears flappin’ outside of a car window driving by.  In fact, I saw it the other day.   A family with a puppy on the highway.

This scene had me very anxious, nervous, not to mention very scared for the safety of that puppy.  The passengers of the vehicle didn’t seem to be the least concerned.

I watched as the puppy hung out the window going 60mph.  As we both got off the highway, I watched as the puppy attempted to jump from the car as we came to a stop at a light on a busy street.  All I could do was hold my breath, pray that it didn’t, and be prepared for the worst.  Eventually, we both went our separate ways, but the idea of that puppy injured or accidentally hurt has stuck with me.

There are several reasons why I disapprove of owners letting their pets hang out windows.  Not only could they jump out, a bump in the road and they could accidentally fall out.  Your puppy could catch debris in the eyes, ears, and nose which could lead to an infection, or even lose an eye.  They could distract other drivers and cause an accident.

Before you roll down that window, here are some tips on keeping you and your pet safe…

  1. Be sure to always keep an identification tag on your dog.
  2. Have a First Aid Kit available in your vehicle.
  3. Don’t roll down the window all the way.
  4. Purchase protective eyewear for your canine.
  5. Just like us humans, your dog should wear their seatbelt!
  6. If a seatbelt is not possible, use a barrier in case you need to slam on the brakes.
  7. Be sure to always keep your eyes on the road!

When traveling with your pet in the car, even if it is for just a short distance, always be prepared.

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